Saturday, April 18, 2009

the weekend

Finally the weekend has arrived and its gonna be a nice (weather) one.

My last check up was Tuesday and I had no biopsy, just blood work (allomap). It checks for rejection as well. My allomap came back like it always is. That means I just go for another checkup in June and do a dsa blood test. If all well then no more biopsy for a year!! (my neck can use the break).

Bri has a softball torney in Sacramento but the first game is at 2:30. Wow late, never had this late of a bracket. Last game starts at 7:30! So we will get home late and have to be back at 7 a.m. lolol

Scott just went to kaiser! He got bit by something in his sleep Thursday night and now this morning hurts really bad and a red line going up arm!! Sign of infection!! Good thing we have a late start with ball. Only 9 girls gonna be there, no subs! Which is fine with me as my daughter is one of the subs!! lol

I have been scrapping my butt off hehe I know I need to take pics. Some really cute layouts to :)

Let ya know how the girls do

Have a good weekend