Monday, April 6, 2009

Donor's mother

Well Saturday my mom and dad took me to Hayward to the Ca donor network function and I got to attend that and meet my donors mother and her grandmother. She brought all kinds of pictures for me to look at, then we sat together for the function and then Juanita and Esther joined us for lunch at the Olive Garden.

My mom loved her mom Esther right away. She just liked her personality.

The gathering was to honor everyone who donated organs in 2008. It was a bit sad as most everyone of course who donates is very young :( Some babys too.
I got a nice book with photos etc. of everyone that donated in 2008 to remember them always. It was a special and i am sure emotional day for the families.

Juanita brought a t-shirt for me in rememberance of Angelina and her and my parents thought we sorta looked a like.

After my mom and dad took me to stockton to the hotel Scott and Bri were at for her softball tourney. I got to see them play Sunday and they did very well :)
One game away from the champ. game!

So I had a busy weekend and all went well :)

Until next time