Sunday, May 31, 2009

memorial weekend

Well we came in 1st place again in our division?? Lots of teams so there was division brackets. I decided to come down with a cold last Friday while gone at softball tourney!!
It has now been 9 days and it wont go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its a little sad to say but we are leaving the softball team for another one. Right now we are on under12A travel ball team. She can not go to under12B team so we went to a under 14B. They need a pitcher and Bri is a pitcher!! She has not got a chance to pitch on her 12A team because its a better team she is young one and not as big and strong as a couple girls.
She wants to pitch!!! and we want to see her pitch!!!!!!!! This is the main reason.

Well i better go get ready as she has practice in less than 2 hours.
have a good Sunday!


Friday, May 22, 2009


1st attemp crayon resist

water bottle holder

post it note pad

Cd/dvd holder

copic 1st attempt

copics 1st attempt

book of me

Book of me

Book of me

Book of me

Book of me

book of me

Book of me
Book of me

Book of me

book of me

A book of me

6x6 book i started of just Bri and I when I was on heart list just in case I did not make it and she had to always remeber us!




Wednesday, May 20, 2009


First 1place Go Lady Hawks!

Rob and Janet prom 2009

Kris?? Are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well guess what? Bri's softball team came in 1st Place this past weekend in Fremont!!
Saturday they did so bad and then sunday they kicked butt and won all 4 games to take 1st! Saturdays just place you for sundays then on sundays you play until you lose.

She also had a Soccer practice game and they won 2-1. Bri scored both goals :)
Go my lil sport girl :) The whole team is good but she is a forward and gets all the glory, however we know soccer is def. not a 1 man sport!! She is not the fastest but has a good kick and great ball control!

I really need to take some pictures of stuff I made. Maybe tomorrow!

That shot I got last wed. ohhhhhhhhhhhh man has helped soooo much!! I have no knee pain right now. I hope it last a while!!

Let me see if i CAN FIND A PIC OF rOB AT PROM. iT WILL PROBABLY POST THE PICTURE first again. (opps caps) hehehe

If no pic I will do it!!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's new?

Well lets see what is new? lol

Bri just won 1st place at her very last city wrestle tourney at school!!! Go Bri hehe

Scott has been sick off/on for two weeks now and it does not make any since. I just know I am gonna get sick!!!!!!!!! I dont need anymore

I just went to dr today to see why this joint/knee pain. The plan for now is she gave me a shot in knee, x-rays of knee and finger, referral to pt for knee!! Go back in 3 weeks to see if shot or pt helped, oh and lots labs. No prednisone yet (last resort)

Rob grads in less than a month!!! Wow wee where did the time go?

My heart has been ok and I dont go back until June 9th for a appt. Hope that continues to go well.

I think we go to Fremont this weekend for softball, not totally sure. I am ready as we had the last two weeks off and I want out of house and in sun!

I really need to post some pics!! Got Rob at his prom too!! I am such a procrasinator and have no excuse hehehe not like im not on pc all day LOL

Getting ready 4 idol. Go Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Danny too but Adam is amazing!!

Until next time :)