Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's new?

Well lets see what is new? lol

Bri just won 1st place at her very last city wrestle tourney at school!!! Go Bri hehe

Scott has been sick off/on for two weeks now and it does not make any since. I just know I am gonna get sick!!!!!!!!! I dont need anymore

I just went to dr today to see why this joint/knee pain. The plan for now is she gave me a shot in knee, x-rays of knee and finger, referral to pt for knee!! Go back in 3 weeks to see if shot or pt helped, oh and lots labs. No prednisone yet (last resort)

Rob grads in less than a month!!! Wow wee where did the time go?

My heart has been ok and I dont go back until June 9th for a appt. Hope that continues to go well.

I think we go to Fremont this weekend for softball, not totally sure. I am ready as we had the last two weeks off and I want out of house and in sun!

I really need to post some pics!! Got Rob at his prom too!! I am such a procrasinator and have no excuse hehehe not like im not on pc all day LOL

Getting ready 4 idol. Go Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Danny too but Adam is amazing!!

Until next time :)


Haley said...

You forgot to mention COPICS!

Melissa said...

hey tippi, glad to hear things are going well. :)