Sunday, January 1, 2012

New beginings

ok its been so long since i posted anything on here so im gonna start new today. I am focusing this blog to weight loss and not really scrapping anymore :(

I got my lapband July 8th 2010. i started at a weight of 255.9 and as of today I am 171. My scale did get as low as 168 right before Christmas so not really sure what is going on. Never went bad with food but Ham is high sodium and aunt Flo is messing with me so we will see.

Starting tomorrow Jan 2nd Monday 2012 i am going to do my hand cycle i bought and do some minor weights with arms to start. I need some kind of movement to get off these last few lbs.

Goal is lets say 160 but i would love 150-155. First I will see if i can do 160 and go lower if possible!!

I have been losing like 1/2lb a month for a long time now and my food if anything is better!! Just seems like body is happy here but i still got a lot of fat!! and a whole mess of skin

so I will post tomorrow after I cycle to say I did it!! and thanks to my wls community on facebook and you tube!! I would not be where I am today with out all of you :)