Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where to begin?

I am a horrible blogger!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont even know where to start! hehehe

Busy with softball softball and more softball. Now its over and we won 1st place two weekends in a row! Now its soccer time and she is trying out for a new fall ball softball team!

School starts tomorrow and my baby is going in 7th grade! wow wee how did that happen?

Rob passed his test, signed and is officially enlisted in the United States Airforce! He leaves in January.

I go to my first annual heart check up on Sept 1 and 2. Hope it all is good. Will keep ya posted on that.

I am going to my 20yr class reunion on Saturday and I was asked to share!! I am not a public speaker and do not do well but I am going to try so i can promote organ donation!!
Pray 4 me that I can do it with out freezing or crying like a baby!

umm I am sad summer is coming to a end. It is my favorite time of the year. Plus my body does better in the heat. Winter cold makes my body ache!! grrr

I have a little more I can share but I will save it for next time hehe

Until then God bless


Anonymous said...

Hi Tippi, so glad you are feeling good. I'm doing just ok on the chemo again. Lots of soreness and fatigue but I keep fighting through it. I miss talking to you everyday. I know we are both busy back into our lives. You are going to be such an inspiration at your class reunion. I wish I could be there to support you but I will in spirit. Let me read your speach, I never got it. I wish you could be at my fundrasier but I understand how important it is to attend your class reunion. we have to schedule a weekend at the lake. I want to take you there. It's so relaxing and fun. We are going up next weekend and the weekend of Labor Day. I can't wait. Please call me and let's talk. I want to hear your speach. Have a great day. I'm going to Costco for the fundrasier and taking Mia to the vet. Mark has his championship game tonight for softball and I will go to that. Talk to you soon. Love you much, Debbie