Monday, March 30, 2009

cant sleep

I cant sleep so figured I would update. I had a heart biopsy on Tue 24th and no rejection!! All good

Waiting to hear if DSA came back negative although I am not worrieed about it.

Bri had softball tourney this weekend and hit a triple last night then turn around and did it again today! She has been in a slump and hope her confidence is back.

If my knees and legs were not hurting so bad I would be feeling great!

I have just been crafting as usual and the kids were home last week and again this week. Unlike most parents I like when they are home :) Then I am not as lonely.

I got my hair straightend and I love it, so much easier. I wash it today and still straight. I was scared hehe I like waking up and not having a afro!!

Both kids got a goods report card. Bri was sooo close to straight A's.......Rob is happy with B's. He could do better but dont try. Bri has report and its done week ahead of time, where as Rob is doing the night before!

My Dudley is sooooooooooo happy and loves his papa to death! I am so happy for him and I love not having any dogs. We are to busy to have a dog.

My heart transplant team is referring me to see Dr Perlman (fa) dr in southern ca ucla. I cant wait! She is an ataxia specialist.

I cant think of anything else I need to report so if I remember anything I will share it next time.

Love all


Debbie Douglas said...

Hi Tippi, I love your blog site. It is so cute and that's you. Thank you for being here for me especially dealing with difficult stuff. That is so great your test came out negative. I'm so happy I have you to talk to. Keep up the good work. love, Debbie